I won’t give up..

Drowning …I am drowning in the deep darkness where the hope of light is fading every second ..

Tears falls from eyes crying out loud but I don’t feel them ..they are just trying ..trying to wash the fog of sadness that are there in my eyes.. why they are there ..I AM HAPPY PERSON .. Am I???

No I am not ..fighting everyday from my anxiety.. standing still all day ..trying hard to smile and being happy ..trying to feel worthy but night comes and again it’s dark..

I am shouting.. screaming so hard but only I can hear that …everyone just see my silence…I have mostly sleepless nights . I can’t sleep ..because I am thinking all the time what i am doing ?? Who i am ??why i am still alive ?? ..I am tried to showing people I am strong ..I am happy-go-lucky person because I am not ..i used to be but that person lost somewhere and trust me i am searching too.

Can’t you talk properly ?? Can’t you behave ??why you stay alone ???why you always silent?? Why are you angry ??

I am not angry ..no I am not ..I am in pain ..I am in terrible pain ..it hurts .hurts so much …I being silent because I know if I speak no one going to understand me ..I am silent because that’s help me to bare my pain ..

Everything is hurting ..being jobless ,failure, disappointment making me weak every second..and you people helping me a lot for showing me yes I am worthless and weak.

I am frustrated ,weak ,but I don’t want to give up ..I really don’t want to …
I want to try because I have work hard ..I know that I am trying ..i have some people who care and want me in there life for them ..for myself ..for that happy-go-lucky girl ..I won’t give up.


Relationship understanding….

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” UNDERSTANDING”, I think is the base of every relationship .

How much you understand your partner makes your bonding strong . There are lots of problem in relationship mostly because of understanding only.

There is kind of certain list of things made by people around that relation should be like this and that ..then your partner should do this or that and so on..

Or some people expect the fairy tale or movie kind of love story..they started to keeping expectations like that.. but forget real life is not film.

Every person have different nature, personality, thinking ,so you can’t apply the same rules with everyone. It’s like for different experiments you are following same protocol eventually experiment will fail . Every person have there own way to show there love and care. You have to love the way they are ,there natural self. You can’t force your fantasy of love on them you will eventually start to suffocate your relationship. Explore each other and understand what the person is.

There is also another problem of listening . Couple share thing with each other or discuss something which converts into arguments.

How ?? You were sharing or discussing ..right ?

This happens because of how you listen. Mostly what happen that people want to listen their partner but how they listen to them is important. Listening to understand and listening to answer is to different things.

Mostly arguments strated because lots of people listen to give there opinions. Giving opinions is not a bad thing but how you give that something you have to understand.

Listen your partner and try what they are saying ,don’t rush to give your opinion. Try to understand in there point of view and think wisely. Try to discuss with them patiently and then if you think you should give your opinion on it give them politely without any judgemental tone. That’s very simple thing.

Another problem is ego . When there is love there is no room for ego one should understand that. Do the thing selflessly. Love selflessly.

Relationship is like plant ..you have to nourish it.. You have to give love and care. You have to understand them the way they are don’t suffocate them. Give them natural environment and then see how it blooms the flowers of happiness…

:- HiddenMoon 🌙


There come times when there are lots of thoughts playing in your head but still the head is empty..

So many thoughts and things there going around and you are in deep thought ,thinking about what you don’t know or maybe either you are not thinking ..Just being silent, lost somewhere.

Trying to figure it out and struggling to make yourself what you used to be.

What’s your experience?what you do at those time ??

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Happiness is the key of living. It gives you strength,joy,positivity towards life .

Yesterday I was talking with someone who hold very special place in my life . She said “I can be happy being alone “.. I smiled and agreed on that .. then she continued ,”I don’t need anyone .Even I can be happy without you also”. And that hit me really hard . Even unknowingly I cried also ..

It’s like I am nothing in her life that my absence will not bother anything in her life . But what hurts the most is she don’t need anyone in her life ..

I agreed happiness should be within you only and you can be happy alone.. but think what will be that happiness which you are sharing with your family and your friends .. I think it will be different..

People say we are happy alone we don’t want anyone but deep down they feel empty.

I am not saying that your happiness should depend on a person or a thing but that happiness will be cherished more when you will have someone to share with.

There are different ways of different people who share and enjoy there happiness..Some share and being happy with there pets .. some with friends ..some with family.

I enjoy with my friends, there is pure happiness when I spent time with them specially my bestfriend.. He is always there in my goods and bads, know me better then anyone else.

There comes time when special person in your life left us.. Your life continues without them also but deep down you miss them . A Part of you always miss them in your happiness ,when you are sad.

I am nobody to say anything to anybody they know what’s better for them… but I am blessed to have so many things and people around me that makes me even more happier.. My friends,my bestie,girlfriend,family and this beautiful nature .. sharing my happiness with all of them gives so peace ..

I am nature loving person. Its beauty and purity is special. Animals,birds,river,lakes,ocean, sky,mountains everythings gives peace and happiness..and capturing them with camera adds more happiness ..

Keep always smiling and make smile others too.

:- Hiddenmoon🌙

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Loving the “QUALITY” OR  “PERSON” ???

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world .. love towards family , friends , animals, nature …it all makes us happy…

Yesterday I was talking with my girlfriend and she asked me ..you love me so much tell me one quality that you like a lot ??

I said “YOU”..

obviously she was expecting something different..

We both have really good understanding so I know she will started to think about my answer..

I started to explain ..I don’t love one quality in person ..I love the person they are.. one quality doesn’t define a person …

There are so many other qualities which together make that person the person they are now…. some qualities are learn from experiences .some from mistakes ..some from learning ..some from parents and so on.. how can we love someone with one quality when they have so many …

What if that one quality you love about that person changed???? Maybe you will have different attitude towards them ..

And this happens a lot …people change with time ..the quality can be change but the person is the same the one you love the most …and then time comes of fighting..arguments and breakups ..

For example :- Lots of people fall for a beauty but when that beauty is gone the love for them also started to fade coz you have fallen for that beauty only… but if you love that person for who they are then it doesn’t matter they are beautiful or not… love the heart and soul of the person ..it will always be same …

:- HiddenMoon🌙

What’s your opinion ???

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Happy Road…

We live in the era where we follow certain protocol… As soon as we born this protocol start .. As a child parents teach us lots of values …respect elders..do not do this…do not do that and somehow little soul follow ..then schooling …study hard champ you have to crack medical entrance or engineering entrance… if you didn’t then go for graduation ofcourse parents and yes the so called society will not be happy with that …so we go for a graduation ..then post graduation and so on… if you belong to middle class family then expectation will be at its peak …I belong to middle class family …and yes I am just a good average student who has done her master’s in science with first class that to I have work hard for that …but now what only my post graduation have nice score but other academic have average grades… for a resume you need a really good academics ..on top we just not need postgraduation but other competitive exams also to be cleared ….and as freshers is so hard to find a job everyone want experience but no one want to give …and if you are struggling with job then get ready to suffer not only from the taunts of people around but also from family ..with every passing day you will got to know “you are good for nothing”…

Then you started to become week ..depression..insomnia and so on..

Why ?? We have to follow this protocol.. oh yes “Money”

Money is important to survive….agreed but its doesn’t mean you have to lose your peace in that…. As carrier..job…Money is important .. “PEACE” in life is also important and also “SELFLOVE” too. Make your self happy too …

Enjoy every beat of your life which is playing a beautiful melody…. sometimes it will play happy tune and sometimes a sad..

Treat yourself with your favourite chocolates or something special..enjoy with your friends…your family.

Spread love and kindness.. Enjoy our beautiful nature.. mountains..waterfalls ..river ..lakes ..tress..animals..air ..everything.. go explore the world .. explore the hidden peace and happiness in the nature …

Make your own protocol which results in happiness ..peace ..

Search “HAPPY ROAD” of your life..and let the journey began .😊


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